sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

Illustration Friday_Sneaky_Sorrateiro

(...)A mother goat warns her children to be wary of the wolf while she is out shopping. The wolf comes and claims to be their mother. They tell him his voice is harsh, while hers is soft. He goes and eats a chunk of chalk to make it soft. They tell him his paws are black, while hers are white. He goes to the miller and gets flour on his paws. They let him in, and he, tearing apart the house to find them, swallows them all except the youngest, who hid in the clock.

this is quite a sneaky guy indeed 8o

Mixed media, Os Sete Cabritinhos - Contos de Apoio à Leitura e à Escrita, edição Texto Editores

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